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Welcome to Weslaco! The name “Weslaco” comes from the W.E. Stewart Land Company. Neat, right? And, Weslaco is the hometown of film and TV actor David Spielberg, and of Harlon Block, who was one of the Marines in the famous photograph of the flag-raising at Iwo Jima.

Another unique thing about Weslaco is that a municipal ordinance in 1921 declared that the land north of the railroad tracks is reserved for Hispanic residences and businesses, and the land south would be for Anglo residences and businesses. Weslaco is also known for its production of sandbags, and residents consider the city to be the “sandbagging capital of the world” since World War II.

Choosing a Weslaco retail electric provider

Weslaco is hot and humid in the summer, and mild to cool in winter. That’s why discovering which of the many electric providers in Weslaco, Texas, meets your needs and works for your budget is important. With close to 300 companies offering thousands of different energy rate plans, deciding which Weslaco electric company to choose can be daunting. That’s why it’s so important to compare electricity rates.

While you compare electricity rates in your search for the best retail energy supplier in Weslaco, don't forget to take a look at what you're actually paying for. Do you know how much of your electric bill you pay to keep your house at a comfortable temperature versus how much you pay to take hot showers or charge your electronic devices?

Let's take a look at how much the average Texas household pays for its annual energy consumption: $1,801. Your household’s specific consumption is based on a variety of factors from the size and age of your home to the number of people living there and how much technology you use, but it averages out like this:

  • 41% to power all of your various appliances, electronics, and lighting fixtures
  • 22% to heat your home in the winter
  • 19% to heat your water
  • 18% to cool your home in the summer

Fixed-rate plans from your Weslaco energy provider

StarTex Power, Constellation’s brand in Texas, offers two types of plans: variable and fixed-rate. While you could choose from one of several electric providers servicing Weslaco, TX, it’s our practice to try to make your energy work as efficiently with your budget as possible. If you have a fixed-rate energy plan, we’ll lock in a single rate that will be used to calculate your cost each and every month. You still pay for the amount of energy you use, but the fee for the energy, itself, remains standard for the length of your term. That way, there are never going to be surprises on your monthly bills—the rate will be exactly as you expected, every time.

A variable energy rate plan means that the rate you pay per kilowatt hour of energy used (that’s the measurement that retail electric companies in Weslaco use to track consumption) can change based on factors that affect energy delivery. The market has certain variables: the economy, a natural disaster, politics, supply and demand … just to name a few. Sometimes this will work in your favor, but if something happens that causes the cost of energy to spike, you could face an unexpectedly high bill.

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