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Sugar Land, Texas, grew up around a sugar refining plant following the Civil War and by the mid 20th century was a company town and home of the Imperial Sugar Company. Sugar Land has quickly become one of the most affluent and fastest-growing cities in Texas. It is home to the corporate headquarters of Minute Maid, as well as many Fortune 500 companies such as CVR Energy, Inc. These companies are responsible for many of Sugar Land's 78,817 residents’ jobs. Just because Sugar Land has the word "sugar" in its name, that doesn’t make it an unhealthy place to live. On the contrary, in 2004, the city was named the "Fittest City in Texas" for its population by the statewide fitness initiative Texas Roundup Program.

Owner-occupied houses make up 76% of the 29,968 households in Sugar Land, with only 5,966 rental units in the city and a very low vacancy rate of just below 4%, which makes the area a real seller's market. A large number of those households, 74.5%, are married couples living together, and just about 51% have children under the age of 18 living with them. The average household in Sugar Land can expect to pull in around $107,187, or $117,720 as its family income, which helps keep the city's poverty level below 4%.

Control your energy use with the right electricity plan for Sugar Land, Texas

Just where does all that electricity go when it gets delivered to your home by energy companies in Sugar Land, TX? How does your household use energy?

A large percentage of your household energy costs — 41% to be exact — helps power appliances like your refrigerator, electronics like your TV and DVR, and lighting fixtures both big and small. That's a lot of little things that add up to a big expense, especially when you look at the $1,801 the average Texas household pays for energy each year. That's about 26% higher than the national average, but on par with other warm weather states.

That brings us to air conditioning. You can expect to pay 18% of your annual energy bill for home cooling - and another 19% for home heating. Why do you pay more for home heating if the warmer months outnumber the cooler months? That can probably be attributed to the fact that about half of Texans, a greater percentage than the rest of the U.S., rely on electric heat. That tends to cost more than other home heating fuels. So, for electricity rates, Sugar Land retail electricity suppliers have to be conscious of where your needs are greatest.

Average temperature and energy use in Sugar Land, TX

Seasonal fluctuations in temperature are a big part of what can make your energy bill different from month to month. So it's important to take the extremes of heat and cold into account when shopping for an electricity plans. In Sugar Land, Texas, the average temperature is 69°F over the course of year. The average high temperature in July is 93°F, and the average low temperature in January is 42°F. Sugar Land gets a lot more rainfall than most other parts of Texas — an average of nearly 50 inches a year! It's easy to see why the early settlers chose this spot for their sugar plantations.

Manage your energy bill with a fixed-rate plan

What do energy companies in Sugar Land, TX include in their rates? Sugar Land utilities base their rates on average kWh, which includes the cost of energy, transmission and distribution, and recurring monthly fees and taxes. There are often one-time fees that apply, so take these into consideration when you compare electricity rates.

What do electric companies in Sugar Land, TX offer when it comes to payment plans? What makes StarTex Power one of the leading electric companies in Sugar Land, Texas, is that it gives you the choice between a variable plan and a fixed-rate plan. With a fixed-rate plan, StarTex looks at your average use patterns and allows you to lock in a single low rate that you pay every month, regardless of how the energy market is performing. And no other electric companies in Sugar Land, Texas will guarantee a rate for as long as StarTex.

Regardless, you would likely pay more in a heavy-use month like July than you would for a more temperate month like April. But, that’s why the peace of mind in a fixed-rate plan comes from knowing exactly what you’re going to pay per unit of energy consumed.

Will StarTex Power let me manage my account online? We certainly will! The StarTex Power MyAccount online portal gives you access to view your account and usage history, pay your bills, set up auto pay, and more. In addition to competitive electricity rates in Sugar Land, StarTex Power is also proud of its unrivaled customer service.

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