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Spring, Texas, is part of both northern Harris County and southern Montgomery County. The original town of Spring – which is now known as Old Town Spring – takes up a relatively small section of one square kilometer at the intersection of Spring-Cypress and Hardy roads. They pack just under 55,000 residents into that small area, according to the 2010 census; and for a period of time between 1969 and 1992, they housed the Goodyear Airship America near the town.

Spring consists of 17,869 occupied households with 4,155 of those being rental units. Married-couple families occupy 55% of those households with an average household size of three people. Of those families, 30% have children under the age of 18. Median household income in Spring, Texas, is around $67,500 with a poverty rate below 10%.

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When you're researching energy providers for Spring, TX, there are a number of things you want to take into account. You'll want to compare electricity rates, of course, but how is your money being spent?

About 18% of your household energy from Spring, Texas, is devoted to your water heater. Heating and cooling are also big expenses, at 22% and 19% respectively.

You might not think too often about retail electric companies. In Spring, TX, though, they’re right around the average for the state – most households spend $1,801 a year on energy bills. That’s about 26% higher than the national average but in the same ballpark as similar households in other warm weather states. Another 41% of those energy costs can be attributed to your appliances, electronics and any lighting in your home. Most retail electric companies in Spring, TX, can give you tips for lowering your energy bills by reducing your energy consumption.

Average temperature and electricity plans for Spring, TX

You’ll want to take seasonal temperature averages into account when estimating your energy consumption to help determine the best energy plan for Spring, Texas, residences. Summers are very warm in most of Texas, but remember, in most cases heating uses more energy. The average high in the hottest month of August hits 93.8°F. Spring residents enjoy 259 days of sunshine with a healthy average of 46 inches of precipitation each year. That's a lot more rain than most Texans get!

Take control of your budget: fixed-rate plans from electricity suppliers servicing Spring, Texas

What do Spring electric suppliers’ bills include? Retail electric providers in Spring, Texas, include the following in your energy bills: energy, your utility’s transmission and distribution charges, and any recurring monthly fees and taxes. Some one-time fees may also apply, so ask about these when you compare electricity rates.

How about Spring retail electric provider plan options? If your budget is tight, you can choose a fixed-rate plan from StarTex Power, named the top-ranked Most Trusted Texas retail energy provider from Cogent Reports. If you want more flexibility, you can choose a variable rate plan, which has a little more fluctuation in the rate per kilowatt hour from month to month. What’s the difference? The difference is that with a fixed rate plan, you can lock in a fixed rate and pay a single cost per kilowatt hour for energy for the length of your contract, while a variable rate plan has fluctuation and no contract term. We think that the choice is simple, but that’s just it — it’s your choice.

Does StarTex Power let me manage my account online? You bet! You can view your account and usage history, pay your bills, set up auto pay and more by signing on to the StarTex Power MyAccount online portal. We want to make managing your Spring electricity bill as easy as possible

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