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Welcome to the county seat of Grayson County. Home to about 35,000 people with a median income of about $42,000 for a family, Sherman residents who want to gain control of their household energy budget can choose from plenty of electric companies in Sherman, TX? A few things—first, you will want to compare electricity rates to get a competitive rate. But, you also want to find a provider that has excellent customer service.

StarTex Power offers a lot of options to help find the energy rate and plan that works for your budget, while providing friendly, knowledgeable assistance when you need it.

Texas heat, your electricity use and retail electric companies in Sherman

The average annual high temperature is 72.6°F, which doesn’t seem too hot, except that it’s the annual average. The average in the summer months is 92°F, which is much warmer. That means that a significant amount of the costs you pay to your retail electric providers in Sherman, Texas, go to air conditioning.  

But, that can’t be everything, right? How else do Texans spend money on energy? Lots of ways — consider, first, the “big-ticket” appliances that you use year-round and that are always plugged in like your refrigerator, water heater, washing machines, and even computers. These appliances draw electricity from the grid all the time. It might not seem like a lot, but it adds up.

Then, consider all the little things — every time you charge your smartphone, tablet or laptop, it uses energy. Or, the TV, gaming console, light bulbs or anything else in your home that uses electricity.

Energy saving tips to cut your electricity use

If you want to save a few bucks, consider purchasing ENERGY STAR-rated appliances for your home the next time you need an upgrade. Not only is it good for a clean environment, but it also may help you save on your energy usage. Also, be mindful of how you use your appliances. Turn off lights when you leave a room, along with TVs or other devices. It might not seem like much, but big or small, it all counts.

How do I choose between retail electric suppliers servicing Sherman, TX?

It’s not enough to just compare electricity rates. You also need to see how companies stack up based on the types of plans they offer. StarTex Power, named the top ranked Most Trusted Texas retail electric provider from Cogent Reports, offers both variable plans and fixed-rate plans. With a fixed-rate plan, you pay a fixed rate per unit of energy every month for the life of your contract. What does that mean? That means that you have the choice to lock in a single, fixed rate per unit of energy you use so you always know exactly what to expect on your monthly bill. The variable plan allows for a fluctuating rate without locking into a contract term.  

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