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Round Rock, Texas, straddles both sides of the Balcones Escarpment, a fault line in Texas that has - thankfully - remained inactive for over 15 million years. Round Rock resides within the Greater Austin, Texas metropolitan area, and the 2010 census reported the population as just over 100,000 residents. In 2008, Money magazine named Round Rock one of the top 10 best small American cities in which to live, the only Texas city to break that threshold at #7.  With the international headquarters of Dell located in Round Rock, it's no surprise that Round Rock was listed as the second-fasted growing city in the country by CNN in 2009.

Purchasing one of the 20,364 owner-occupied homes in Round Rock averages about $163,400. There are also 16,869 rental units in the city, for a total of 37,223 households. As of the 2010 census, the average family size in Round Rock was 3.29 and the average household size was 2.87, with 47.5% of households containing children under the age of 18. The population trended toward the young side, with 32% under the age of 18 and 48% between the ages of 18 and 44, for an average age of 30 years. The median family income for Round Rock was $79,417, helping drive down Round Rock's poverty rate to 8.6%, less than half the state's poverty rate of 17.6%.

What is the average temperature in Round Rock, Texas?

The average annual temperature in Round Rock, TX is about 69 °F. The average high temperature in August is about 97°F, while the average low temperature in January gets all the way down to 37°F. In comparison with the rest of the Texas, Round Rock tends to get more rain but less snow each year.

So many Round Rock electric companies - how do you pick one?

When trying to choose a Round Rock electric company, it's a good idea to compare electricity rates armed with the knowledge about how your household uses energy. Round Rock has a humid, subtropical climate, so about 18% of your electric bill is going toward air conditioning. Considering that the average Texan household spends about $1,801 on home energy annually, that's about $324 per year just to keep your home cool! That's a pretty good reason to shop around for Round Rock utilities.

What else contributes to your Round Rock utilities bill? Depending on how tech-savvy the members of your household are, you can expect to pay 41% of your annual energy bills to power your electronic devices, lighting fixtures, and appliances. Another sizable percentage of your electric bill goes toward running your water heater and your space heating during the cooler months. Round Rock energy providers keep your home running from top to bottom.

Finding the right Round Rock electric company to meet your needs

What do energy companies in Round Rock include in their rates? When you compare electricity rates between Round Rock utilities, know that they are based on average kWh, which includes energy, transmission and distribution, and any recurring monthly fees and taxes. Some Round Rock electric companies also charge some one-time setup fees, so you'll want to keep that in mind as you compare rates.

What payment plans do Round Rock energy providers have? Like some other electric companies in Round Rock, TX, StarTex Power gives you the choice between a variable and a fixed-rate plan. If you need to keep your monthly budget predictable, the fixed-rate plan is probably right for you because it locks in a single rate that you pay per unit of energy used. If you'd prefer to pay the market rate for your actual energy usage from month to month, you can go with a variable plan from your Round Rock, Texas utilities provider.

Can I take care of my StarTex Power account online? Indeed! From the StarTex Power MyAccount online portal, you can view your account and usage history, pay your bills, set up auto pay, and more. We make it easy because we want to be your Round Rock electric company!

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