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Local residents of Paris, Texas, have a humorous slogan for the city – "Second Largest Paris in the World" – after all, the population is more than 25,000 people! Located on the northeast border of Texas and Oklahoma, Paris is just at the western edge of the Piney Woods and is part of the West Gulf Coastal Plain region. Historically, Paris was a major cotton exchange, but that is no longer the driving economic force for the city. Instead, the healthcare industry – thanks to the Paris Regional Medical Center South and North campuses – has the majority, with the next two largest employers being Kimberly-Clark and Campbell's Soup.

Paris consists of 9,924 households with an average household size of 2.37. There are about the same number of owner-occupied and rental households in the city, with 1,417 unoccupied homes. Nearly 43% of homes are occupied by married couples living together, and about 30% have children under the age of 18. The median income for a household in Paris is about $27,400, and a family averages an income of around $35,000. 

Comparing electric providers in Paris, Texas: find the plan that fits your budget and goals

The first step when searching for a new retail electric provider is generally to compare electricity rates among the various providers. As you look at what Paris electricity providers offer, also consider how your energy dollars are spent based on your household needs. That way you can determine how to cut costs.

The average Texas household spends a combined 40% of its annual energy bills (about $1,800) on heating and cooling. Oddly enough, heating costs are higher than cooling costs even though air conditioning is used for more of the year. You want to be comfortable, but adjusting your thermostat to be a few degrees higher in the summer and a few degrees cooler in the winter may help save on your energy bill.

Another 41% of your energy dollars help pay for powering your iPad, computer, TV/DVR, refrigerator, night light, and all the rest of your lights, appliances, and electronics. Things like your TV/DVR use a lot of electricity even when not in use, so you should shop for more energy-efficient items as they need to be replaced. And unless you're using an on-demand water heater, about 19% of your annual electricity bills is going toward water heating.

Average temperature and picking the right electricity plan in Paris, Texas

Picking a power plan for your location will help you manage your budget all year long, and factoring in local weather trends is a big part of figuring out your energy needs in Paris, Texas, or anywhere. January and December are the city's coldest months with low average temperatures of 31.4°F and 33.9°F respectively. August and July are almost equally the hottest months, with average high temperatures of 94.8°F and 94.5°F. Paris is actually a little less likely to experience tornadoes than the rest of Texas, only one and a half times more likely than the rest of America.

Manage your monthly budget: fixed-rate plans from electric companies in Paris, TX

What makes up my Paris energy bills? No matter which retail electric provider you use, your bill will consist of the cost of energy, transmission, and distribution charges from your local utility, and any recurring monthly fees and taxes that may be added by your provider and by the government. Some one-time fees might be charged, so ask about those as you compare rates among retail electricity providers serving Paris, Texas.

What types of payment plans are available? StarTex Power, named the top ranked Most Trusted Texas retail energy supplier from Cogent Reports, gives you the option of either a variable plan or a fixed-rate plan. With a fixed-rate plan, you pay a fixed rate per unit of energy every month for the life of your contract. The variable plan allows for a fluctuating rate without locking into a contract term.

Can I manage my account online with StarTex Power? Of course! You can view your account, check your usage history, pay your bills, set up auto pay so you don't have to worry about remembering to pay your bills, and more with the StarTex Power’s MyAccount online portal.

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