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The third largest city within Tarrant County is North Richland Hills, Texas - a suburb of Fort Worth - home to 63,343 residents, according to the 2010 census. North Richland Hills was selected by Money magazine in 2006 as one of the Top 100 "Best Places to Live in America." It is home to Texas's largest Ford dealership, 5 Star Ford, which employs over 250 people.

With a population density of over 3,463 people per square mile, North Richland Hills packs a large number of residents into its small area. There were 24,854 households in North Richland Hills as of 2010, of which nearly 53 percent were married couples living together and just about 25 percent were individuals. Home ownership rates reached 61 percent, leaving just over 9,000 rental units in North Richland Hills. The median age of residents was 38 years old, with fully two-thirds of the population over the age of 25. North Richland Hills residents can expect to bring home around $63,806 a year, $74,866 for a family, helping to keep the poverty level at a low 7.5 percent of the population.

Average temperature and electricity use in North Richland Hills, Texas

Although the average temperature is 63°F in North Richland Hills, Texas, utilities and electricity use tend to spike in the warm months. It can get upwards of 96°F during the hottest month of July. The city is more than twice as likely to experience a tornado and almost five times more likely to experience hail than anywhere else in the United States. On average, residents of North Richland Hills can expect only 151 days of sunshine, but the average annual precipitation is just 29 inches.

Retail electric companies in North Richland Hills, Texas and your energy needs

As you research retail electric companies serving North Richland Hills , you want to compare electricity rates to be sure you're getting the best deal for your household. About 18 percent of your electric bill is going toward air conditioning, thanks to the hot summers, and the average Texas household spends $1,801 on home energy annually. This dollar amount is about 26 percent higher than the national average, but it's comparable to what residents of other warm weather states pay each year.

Another 41 percent of your electric bill goes toward running all of your appliances and electronics. Once you add together the electricity required to charge your laptop, smartphone, and iPad, you can see how every little thing contributes to your total energy costs. The rest of your electric bill goes toward home heating during the cooler months and water heating year-round.

Manage your electricity costs with a fixed-rate plan 

What do retail electric companies in North Richland Hills, Texas include in their bills? North Richland Hills electricity bills include the cost of energy, the local utility's transmission and distribution charges, and any recurring monthly fees and taxes. North Richland Hills' local utility, Oncor, often charges some one-time fees upfront to set up service, which will be included on your electric bill, so take these into account when preparing your budget.

What types of electricity plans do North Richland Hills energy companies offer? If you want options to fit your budget, StarTex Power gives you the choice between a variable and a fixed-rate plan. Choose the fixed-rate plan if you need to pay a set rate per kilowatt-hour for the energy you use each month to make it easier to plan your household budget. Choose the variable rate plan if you don't mind variation in your supply rate and would rather have flexibility with a month-to-month plan.                                                  

Does StarTex Power allow online account management? Definitely! The StarTex Power MyAccount online portal allows you to view your account and usage history, pay your bills, set up auto pay and more.