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Montgomery, Texas, is part of the Greater Houston area. Today, the city is home to 1,040 residents.

With about 395 occupied households and 112 vacant homes, most are owner-occupied. About a quarter of the population is under the age of 18, with 29.28% between 18 and 44, and 44.6% over 45. The average household income in the city is $100,480.

Fun fact: Known as the Lone Star town thanks to Montgomery resident Dr. Charles B. Stewart, he came up with the Lone Star flag.

Choosing between retail electric providers for Magnolia, Texas

As you search for the retail energy company in Montgomery that meets your energy usage and works with your household budget, you'll want to compare electricity rates and things like payment options and account management.

But energy rates are probably at the top of your list. Have you ever stopped to think what it is you're paying for?

The average Texan's annual energy bill is $1,801 — which is about 26% higher than the average American's energy bill. Residents of warm weather states do tend to have higher energy bills than their fellow Americans, but surprisingly, air conditioning is not the biggest portion of the cost. Home cooling only accounts for 18% of your energy bills each year in Texas, compared to 22% for home heating costs. Home heating in warmer states generally isn't as energy efficient as central air systems, and the fuel can cost more.

Another 19% of your energy consumption can be attributed to your water heater. The rest goes toward powering everything else in your home — all of those electronics, lights, and appliances you have in every room. Nearly every home in Texas has at least one TV, and 80% have more than one. Some homes have more than one refrigerator, too.

Average temperature in Montgomery, Texas

Seasonal extremes of heat and cold can influence your electric bill more than almost anything else. You should always consider those extremes when comparing retail electric suppliers for Montgomery, TX, or anywhere else you may live. The average temperature in Montgomery is 67.9°F annually, with an average low of 39.2°F in January and an average high of 94.7°F in August. Montgomery is three times more likely to experience hurricanes than the rest of the United States. With only a 59% chance at sunshine on any given day, it's no surprise that the city sees 106 days of rainfall per year, on average. This adds up to around 46 inches of rainfall annually.

A fixed-rate plan to manage your energy budget

What does your bill include with electric companies in Montgomery, TX? No matter which Montgomery retail electric provider you choose, your monthly bill will include the cost of energy, your utility’s transmission and distribution charges, along with any recurring monthly fees and taxes. Some providers have additional fees, so make sure to ask about these and take them into account as you compare electricity rates.

What rate plans does StarTex Power offer? StarTex Power, named the top ranked Most Trusted Texas retail electric provider from Cogent Reports, offers both variable plans and fixed-rate plans. With a fixed-rate plan, you pay a fixed rate per unit of energy every month for the life of your contract. What does that mean? That means that you have the choice to lock in a single, fixed rate per unit of energy you use so, you always know exactly what to expect on your monthly bill. The variable plan allows for a fluctuating rate without locking into a contract term.  

Can I manage my account online with StarTex Power? Indeed you can! By logging in to the StarTex Power MyAccount online portal, you can perform a variety of tasks: view your account and usage history, pay your bills each month, set up auto pay, and more!

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