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Did you know that a city in Texas is known as the home of the ruby red grapefruit? Mission, Texas, located within Hidalgo County, has had that distinction since 1921. The city is also part of the Texas Citrus Exchange and hosts the annual Texas Citrus Fiesta Parade, which features fruit-decorated floats and bands. There are about 77,058 residents in this fun-loving city.

A little over 90% of residents in the 27,291 households of Mission have lived there for over a year. Seventy-two percent of those households are owner-occupied, leaving just 7,423 rental units up for grabs. The average number of people living in a house is 3.44, with 65% of households consisting of a married couple living together, and 43.4% with children under the age of 18 living with them. Population age is relatively widespread, with 32.1% of the population below 18, 36.6% between 18 and 44, and 31.3% above age 44.

Selecting retail electric suppliers servicing Mission, TX

When it comes time to compare electricity rates and shop around for Mission, Texas, electric companies, take a look at how you use your energy. A larger household might use more hot water for showers and washing the dishes, but even a person living alone might have a number of electronic devices that need to be powered around the clock. How do most Texans measure up?

About 18% of the average Texan household's annual energy bill can be attributed to air conditioning. That number may be a little bit higher in Mission because it has hotter temperatures than other parts of the state. The annual energy bill comes to about $1,801 for the average Texan home.

How about those electronic devices? When combined with your appliances and various lighting fixtures, these things add up to about 41% of what you pay to your Mission electric company. Another 19% of your energy powers your water heater. And while the average Texas household spends about 21% of its energy costs on space heating, you can probably count on lower heating costs than the rest of the state for that portion of your energy.

Seasonal temperatures and picking the right electricity plan in Mission, Texas

Seasonal variations in temperature may have a big impact on your electric bill from month-to-month. You should always consider your area’s temperature extremes when shopping for an electricity plan. In Mission, Texas, the annual average temperature is 74°F. Because it’s located in the Rio Grande Valley, Mission's climate is subtropical, with a year-round growing season—thanks to hot summers and brief, mild winters. The average high temperature is about 98°F in July, while the average low temperature in January is about 47°F. It rarely gets below freezing in Mission, Texas.

Manage your budget with a fixed-rate plan from a Mission retail electric provider

What do Mission electric suppliers’ bills include? Retail electric providers in Mission, Texas, include the following in your energy bills: energy, your utility’s transmission and distribution charges, and any recurring monthly fees and taxes. Some other fees may also apply, so ask about these when you compare electricity rates.

What rate plans do Mission energy suppliers offer? StarTex Power offers a variable plan and a fixed-rate plan to Mission, TX, residents. With a fixed-rate plan, you pay a fixed rate per unit of energy every month for the life of your contract. The variable plan allows for a fluctuating rate without locking into a contract term.

Can I manage my StarTex Power account online? Yes! StarTex Power provides the MyAccount online portal so you can view your account and usage history, pay your bills, set up auto pay and more.

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