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Midland got its name in 1881 as the point halfway between Fort Worth and El Paso on the Texas and Pacific Railroad. But this is a city that has now become a destination unto its own. With an estimated population of just under 124,000 residents in 2013, Midland, Texas, just keeps growing and was recognized by Forbes magazine as the second fastest growing city in the U.S. in 2014.

Midlanders occupied over 41,000 households as of the 2010 census. One-quarter of those households were occupied by individuals, while married couples living together made up 55.4%, and 37.9% of households included children under the age of 18.

In 2014, Midland had the distinction of having the lowest unemployment rate in the U.S. - only 2.3%. The city's top employers include the Midland Independent School District, Dawson Geophysical, Midland Memorial Hospital and Medical Center, and Walmart.

Notable residents: Midland has been recognized as the hometown of former First Lady Laura Bush, and also served for a time as the home of the former Presidents Bush and former First Lady Barbara Bush.

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Over 80% of Texans rely on central air conditioning to keep them cool in the hot summer months, and about 18% of your annual energy costs pay for this - far greater than the national average of 6%. About half of all Texans rely on electricity for their heating costs during the cooler months, making up about 22% of energy costs - far less than the national average of 41%.

But when you compare electricity rates and see that the average Texas household spends $1,801 in energy costs annually and consider that this number is 26% higher than the national average, it's easy to see that how much you spend on air conditioning tends to be a determining factor for which energy company you end up choosing. Energy costs in other warm weather states are comparable to those in Texas.

What else contributes to your Midland energy bill? About 19% goes toward heating the water for your bathing, dishes, and laundry, while the rest goes to power your electronics, appliances, and lighting. Switching to LED light bulbs and more energy-efficient appliances are some smart ways to help reduce your Midland energy costs.

Average temperature and picking the right electric supplier servicing Midland, Texas

The average temperature in Midland is very warm! The semi-arid climate brings long, hot summers and shorter, more moderate winters. It’s important to consider how season extremes affect the area’s annual average temperature when comparing plans and electric companies. In Midland, Texas, the average annual high temperature is about 80°F, while the average annual low temperature is about 51°F. As far as precipitation, Midland only gets about 14.9 inches of rain each year and about 2 inches of snow. As you can see, electric companies in Midland, TX need to have you covered for climate control year-round!

Manage your electricity costs with a fixed-rate plan

What do Midland electric suppliers’ bills include? Retail electric providers in Midland, Texas, include the following in your energy bills: energy, your utility’s transmission and distribution charges, and any recurring monthly fees and taxes. Some other fees may also apply, so ask about these when you compare electricity rates.

What are my plan options from retail energy companies for Midland, TX? StarTex Power, named the top ranked Most Trusted Texas retail electric provider from Cogent Reports, offers both variable and a fixed-rate plans. With a fixed-rate plan, you pay a fixed rate per unit of energy every month for the life of your contract. The variable plan allows for a fluctuating rate without locking into a contract term.

Can I manage my StarTex Power account online? Certainly! From the StarTex Power MyAccount portal, you can view your account and usage history, pay your bills, set up auto pay, and more. We make it easy for our Midland, Texas, energy customers to manage their account.

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