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Magnolia, Texas, is located outside of Houston in southwestern Montgomery County. Originally settled in the late 1840s, the city has had many names, including Mink's Prairie and, simply, Mink. And in 2011, Magnolia became the last city in the county to legalize alcoholic beverages, after having been a "dry" city since its inception. At the most recent census, Magnolia had 1,393 residents.

Magnolia has nearly 300 available housing units, and most people in the city own homes. There are only 64 rental units, and the average age of a Magnolia resident is 39. The average household income is $110,228.

Choosing between retail electric providers for Magnolia, Texas

When you compare electricity rates in your search for the best retail energy supplier in Magnolia, don't forget to take a look at what you're actually paying for. Do you know how much of your electric bill you pay to keep your house at a comfortable temperature versus how much you pay to take hot showers or charge your electronic devices?

The average Texas household pays $1,801 for its annual energy consumption. Your household’s specific consumption is based on a variety of factors from the size and age of your home to the number of people living there and how much technology you use, but it averages out like this:

  • 41% to power all of your various appliances, electronics and lighting fixtures
  • 22% to heat your home in the winter
  • 19% to heat your water
  • 18% to cool your home in the summer

Magnolia residents tend to pay less in home heating costs and more in air conditioning costs than fellow Texans.

Can your Magnolia retail electric company handle the Texas heat?

Three times more likely to see a hurricane during a year than the rest of the United States, Magnolia usually has hot and humid summers and generally mild winters. The average annual temperature in Magnolia is 67.9°F. The average high temperature in August is 94.6°F and the average low temperature in January is 39.7°F. Magnolia experiences an average of 106 rainy days, accumulating about 46 inches of rainfall annually.

Affordable fixed-rate plans from your Magnolia retail electric provider

What is covered on my monthly electricity bill? The bills from your electric company in Magnolia include the cost of energy, your utility’s transmitting and distributing charges, and any recurring monthly fees and taxes. Some retail electric companies in Magnolia, TX also charge other fees for setup, so be sure to ask about these when you compare electricity rates.

What types of rate plans are there? StarTex Power, named the top ranked Most Trusted Texas retail electric provider from Cogent Reports, offers both variable plans and fixed-rate plans. With a fixed-rate plan, you pay a fixed rate per unit of energy every month for the life of your contract. What does that mean? That means that you have the choice to lock in a single, fixed rate per unit of energy you use so you always know exactly what to expect on your monthly bill. The variable plan allows for a fluctuating rate without locking into a contract term.  

Can I go online to manage my account with StarTex Power? Certainly. Log in to view your account and usage history, pay your bills each month, or set up auto pay so you'll never miss a payment again with the StarTex Power MyAccount online portal.

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