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Lufkin, Texas, boasts miles and miles of forest and is located right at the crossroads of East Texas at the intersections of U.S. 59 and Interstate 69. The city is the county seat of Angelina County and was founded in 1882. Lufkin has about 35,000 residents, a strong economy and lots of white-collar job opportunities.

The city has about 12,000 households and about one- third have children under 18. Another third of the population is between 25 and 44. Median income is about $40,000 but about 19 percent are living below the poverty line.

Compare electricity plans in Lufkin, Texas

In your search for retail electric companies, you'll want to take a look at plans and customer service, and of course you'll compare electricity rates between providers. But where does all that energy go in your home, and what can you do to minimize your spending?

Like other warm weather states, Texas has higher energy bills than the national average, and the average household can expect to pay about $1,801 a year. Lufkin electricity customers can expect to pay slightly less than the rest of the state, but this amount includes the primary sources of energy consumption - air conditioning, space heating, and water heating - as well as all of the smaller items that also require electricity, such as appliances, electronics, and lights. Heating and cooling expenses can be kept under control by using a thermostat set to the highest comfortable temperature in the warmer months and the lowest comfortable temperature in the cooler months. And though your water heater is constantly running - unless you have an on-demand water heater - you can reduce the amount of electricity it uses by taking shorter showers, running only full loads in the dishwasher and using cold water detergent that gets your clothes clean at lower water temperatures.

Average temperature and electricity plans in Lufkin, Texas

Electricity consumption usually follows seasonal fluctuations in hot and cold temperatures. You should always consider these extremes, as well as the annual average, when picking a retail  electricity company. In Lufkin, Texas, the average yearly temperature is 68.4°F, and it sees an average high of 94°F in August, which is the city's hottest month. Lufkin rarely sees hail, only experiencing it about half as often as the rest of the U.S. It sees more days of rain than sunshine though — 96 to 105 days on average. This brings the average annual precipitation to 57 inches, making Lufkin a lot wetter than most other Texas cities.

Control your electricity cost with a fixed-rate plan

What's included in Lufkin electricity bills? When you pay your electric bill, you're paying for the cost of the energy, the local utility’s transmission and distribution charges, as well as any recurring monthly fees and taxes there might be. Some providers also require some one-time fees, so keep this in mind as you compare electricity rates and companies.

What do retail electric companies offer as energy plans in Lufkin? StarTex Power, one of the leading retail electric providers serving Lufkin, Texas, offers both a fixed-rate and a variable-rate plan. The fixed-rate plan makes for a predictable monthly bill because you have a set rate per kilowatt-hour of energy used that is applied to your bill every month for the life of your contract. A variable-price plan may change every month but does not require you to lock into a contract term. It's that easy.

Is online account management available from StarTex Power? Absolutely! We give you access to the StarTex Power MyAccount online portal so you can easily view your account, check your usage history, pay your bills, set up auto pay and more from the comfort of your computer.

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