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Lancaster, a rapidly growing city of 38,071 people, has grown by almost half in the past five years. Once a farming community that served the surrounding areas, this city near Dallas is now a transportation hub with a diverse economy and lots of jobs in different industries. The city of 30 square miles is just 15 miles from Dallas and the larger Dallas-Forth Worth metroplex region, but much of the population works closer to home.

In recent decades, as developers recognized the availability of vacant land for residential housing, Lancaster's population exploded. Logistics, light manufacturing, health care, residential development and retail are large components of the city’s job base. The city has managed this growth while still preserving Lancaster’s historic, small-town charm.

Electricity plans for Lancaster, Texas

Whether you're new in town or just reevaluating your budget, it's important to compare electricity rates of retail electric providers serving Lancaster. There are more than 300 retail electric companies to choose from, so there are thousands of plan options. Some have one-time fees, so be sure to ask any supplier you're considering what they represent. At StarTex Power, we offer variable and fixed-price plans. These plans allow you to pay based on your actual monthly usage according to a fixed rate per kilowatt hour for the term of the contract, or a variable month-to-month one, which means you can select a plan that best fits your monthly budget or needs.

Texas heat and electricity use in Lancaster

Air conditioners! No joke – most of the energy costs in this climate are devoted to keeping us cool. Like in the rest of the state, it can get hot in Lancaster, Texas. Electricity plan comparisons should consider the summer-time spikes in temperatures found in Lancaster and most of Texas.

More than 80 percent of Texas homes have central air conditioning, compared with a national average of 60 percent. Lancaster has a hot, humid climate and a warm season that lasts from May 26 to Sept. 21. During this time, the average daily high temperature is 87°F, and evening temperatures rarely drop below 74°F. For most families, air conditioning is a must during this warm stretch of weather. It's the reason why air conditioning represents 18 percent of Texans’ energy costs, versus 6 percent for the average U.S. household.

It's also a reason for consumers to compare electricity rates so they know which retail electricity provider is the best fit for them. If you're new to Lancaster and looking for retail electric providers who serve Lancaster, or if you're considering changing your provider, StarTex Power can guide you through the decision-making process.

Control your energy cost with a fixed-rate plan

Like most places, electric companies in Lancaster, TX, base rates on the average kWh (kilowatt hours), which includes energy, your utility's transmission and distribution charges, monthly fees and other recurring fees and taxes. And, watch for one-time fees. Lots of times, a Lancaster electric company is required to charge them.

Translated to actual usage, one kilowatt-hour of electricity is enough to work on a computer for about seven hours, watch TV for 10 hours, or vacuum for one hour.

Texans pay an average $1,801 a year in energy costs, a rate that is 26 percent higher than the national average. In Lancaster, the median household income is around $50,000 annually and the median monthly housing cost is about a thousand dollars. The majority of people in Lancaster are homeowners, but a large percentage of your monthly income will go towards housing. Because so much of a Lancaster household's monthly income goes toward housing, consumers must take this into consideration as they compare electricity rates between Lancaster electricity providers.

Guess what, though? You might hear in the news all the time about energy rates rising. That's fine … for everyone else. Not for you! You've got a budget, right? That's why StarTex offers a fixed-rate plan that allows you to lock in a cost per kWh for the life of your contract. Pay the same rate each month and avoid seasonal market fluctuations with no surprises.

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