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This lovely scenic community in central Texas, about 25 miles north of Austin, lies at the fork of the San Gabriel River. Georgetown is known for its fantastic Victorian commercial and residential architecture, and a revitalized downtown that has established itself as the “Most Beautiful Town Square in Texas.” With a population of 47,400, according to the 2012 U.S. census, Georgetown is home to Southwestern University, Texas’ oldest university.

Georgetown is nicknamed the “Red Poppy Capital of Texas” for the thousands of red poppy wildflowers planted throughout the city. Every April, the city’s Red Poppy Festival attracts more than 30,000 visitors who also take advantage of its one-of-a-kind boutiques, restaurants, and many arts and culture adventures.

Reliable power plans for Georgetown, Texas

Part of finding the right Georgetown electricity provider is understanding where and how your household uses energy. Georgetown, like most of Texas, gets HOT! If you’re like most Texans, this means cranking the air conditioning to stay cool during these scorching hot days. More than 80 percent of Texans have air conditioning in their homes, leading Texas residents to have some of the highest annual electricity costs in the country. Texas’ high energy use and higher electricity prices come despite a housing stock that is newer, and an average living space that is smaller in size than the rest of the country. With Texans paying about $1,800 a year in energy costs, a rate that is 26 percent higher than the national average, it’s critical to compare rates when picking your electricity provider.

Average temperature and picking the right electricity plan for Georgetown, Texas

This 48-square-mile city has a warm, humid climate with hot summers and no dry season. In most cases, residential electricity bill rise and fall in a pattern that follows seasonal extremes in hot or cold temperatures. You should always consider the extreme months when shopping for the best electricity plan. In Georgetown, Texas, temps average above 86 degrees during the warm season, which lasts from May 30 to Sept. 17. Nighttime temperatures rarely drop below 70°F during this time, which makes air conditioning a must for most Georgetown residents. It’s the reason why the cost of Georgetown utilities is higher than in many other U.S. cities.

There are 11,036 single-family homes and apartment buildings in Georgetown. Sixty-three percent of the population lives in single-family homes, and 27 percent lives in apartments or rental properties. Median monthly housing costs in Georgetown, including electricity, are $1,031 a month. With such a substantial portion of a family’s income going toward housing and electricity costs, Georgetown residents should compare electricity rates to save money.

Compare rates to find the best electricity plan for your budget

This can be an overwhelming task, because the number of  electric companies serving Georgetown, Texas has grown in recent years. Again, that’s why it’s so important to compare electricity rates. With almost 300 utilities offering thousands of different energy rate plans, deciding between providers can be a daunting task. StarTex can help you discover which Georgetown electric company meets your needs and your budget.

Manage your monthly electricity costs with a fixed-rate plan

Energy rates for Georgetown utilities are based upon the average kWh, which includes energy, transmission and distribution, and monthly and other recurring fees and taxes. Sometimes there are other one-time fees, so be sure to ask any electric companies in Georgetown, Texas, about what those fees entail.

StarTex Power, one of the leading electric companies in Georgetown, Texas, and allows you to choose either a variable or a fixed-rate plan. Our plans allow you to pay either based on your actual monthly consumption at an estimated annual fixed rate. So, the energy rates can rise and fall but yours will never be a surprise because StarTex will lock your rate in for the life of your contract. Surprises are great — but not for your bank account! And no other electricity companies in Georgetown, Texas can guarantee a rate for as long as StarTex.

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