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Euless is a city of 51,277 people located in the mid-cities region between Dallas and Fort Worth. This small city of 16 square miles has a wide range of employers, the biggest of which are LSG Sky Chefs Inc., an international company that provides catering for airlines serving the nearby Dallas/Forth Worth International Airport; the Euless school district; and the City of Euless. Many residents work in the Forth Worth area, less than 20 miles away.

This quiet city is a great place to work, play and raise a family. It’s signature, award-winning event, Arbor Daze, has given away more than 150,000 trees in its 29-year history. Most of the trees are planted in the immediate area to replenish a dwindling urban tree population. It’s a weekend filled with arts exhibits, eating and music.

Manage your electricity use with a reliable power plan

With more than 300 electric companies serving Euless, Texas,  offering thousands of options for rate plans, it’s critical to compare electricity rates. Before you do that, it’s important that you understand how the residents of Euless use energy. Texas is hot, hot, hot, so most residents turn to air conditioning to cool down from the scorching summer temperatures. In fact, with more than 80 percent of Texans using air conditioning to cool their homes, it’s no wonder that Texas households have some of the highest annual energy costs in the nation. This annual average of $1,801 per Texas household is 26 percent higher than the national average. Texas homes tend to be newer than houses elsewhere in the country—a consideration that generally means they are built with energy-efficient materials—and have fewer square feet than the average U.S. home.

There are more than 20,000 occupied single-family homes and apartment buildings in Euless. Forty-one percent of Euless residents live in apartments or rental properties, and 55% live in single-family homes.  Median household income in Euless is $56,616, and median housing costs are $969 a month. With so much of that income paying for housing costs, it’s important to carefully choose your electric company. Euless, Texas consumers must ask the tough questions of their electric providers to determine the most cost-effective and reliable service.

Average temperature and electricity use in Euless, Texas

The majority of your electricity costs will go toward maintaining a comfortable temperature in your home. That’s why it is important to keep average temperature in mind when comparing electricity providers. In Euless can be above 88 °F in the summer. Taking Texas’ higher-than-average energy bills into consideration, residents should give great thought to choosing an electric company. Euless’ subtropical climate is characterized by hot, humid summers and generally mild to cool winters. Our city averages that near-90 °F average from May 31 through Sept. 16, with highs often reaching above 96 °F. Low temperatures during this time rarely drop below 76 °F.

Control your electricity cost with a fixed-rate plan

The cost of Euless utilities is mainly based on our need to keep cool. While air conditioning is only six percent of the energy cost for the average U.S. household, Texans spend 18 percent of their electric bills for air conditioning. This is one more reason to compare electricity rates of Euless electric providers.

The rates for Euless utilities rare based upon the average kWh, which includes energy, transmission, distribution, monthly and other recurring fees and taxes. Sometimes electric companies in Euless, Texas, charge other one-time fees, so be sure to ask what those fees entail. StarTex Power offers both variable and fixed plans, which means you can pay based on your actual consumption or budget based on estimated fixed rate for the year.

That’s one of the biggest benefits to a StarTex plan — you always know what you’re going to pay for your energy consumption. If you have a very hot summer, you might pay a little more because you’re really working that A/C. Same goes for a chilly winter. But, because the rate you pay is locked in, there are never any surprises on your monthly bill. And no other electricity provider in Euless, Texas will guarantee a rate for as long as StarTex can. 

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