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Denison, Texas is located right on the border of Oklahoma, and was established at the intersection of the Missouri-Kansas-Texas Railroad and the Red River. The city has recently seen an influx of tourists, recently being named the Official Best Recreational Lake Area in Texas. The Hampton Inn and Suites Denison was selected by TripAdvisor as one of the nation's top-rated hotels.

Over 22,500 residents call the city home. There are over 5,000 owner-occupied housing units and over 2,000 rentals in the city. There are an additional 1,194 unoccupied homes in Denison, leaving plenty of room for growth in the area. Married couples living together make up 48.1% of households, and the average household size is 2.43. Age ranges for Denison are fairly well-spread with a median age of 38, 33.4% below the age of 24, 26.7% between 25 and 44, and 39.8% over the age of 45. An average family can expect to bring home $39,820, and 14.7% of the population lives below the poverty line.

Understanding your electricity plan in Denison, TX

Did you know that the average household in Texas spends $1,801 each year on its energy bills? If this number sounds high to you, you're not mistaken; it's about 26% higher than the national average. But the total is similar to what residents of other warm weather states also pay.

Heating and cooling are some of the biggest contributors to your energy bills. Based on the $1,801 figure, you're probably paying about $324 for air conditioning, $396 for space heating, and $342 for your water heater. If the numbers for home cooling and home heating seem backward to you based on relative usage, it's a matter of energy efficiency and the cost of home heating fuels.

Another $738 is spent powering lots of smaller things in your home, from lighting fixtures to electronic devices to household appliances. Your exact expenditures may vary depending on how many TVs and other electronics you have in your home, the ENERGY STAR rating of your appliances, and whether you use incandescent light bulbs or the more efficient CFL or LED bulbs.

Average temperature and electric rates in Denison, Texas

Natural fluctuations in temperature have a bigger effect on your power bill than just about any thing else. It’s always best to consider what kinds if temperature extremes you’ll face when shopping for electricity plans. In Denison, Texas, the average temperature is 65.4 °F annually, with 136 days of sunshine. July and August are the hottest months, averaging a high of 94.4 °F, but it can get as cold as an average low of 31 °F in January. Due to the variation in average temperatures in Texas, Denison residents generally pay more to their Denison energy provider for heating and less for cooling than their neighbors elsewhere in the state. Denison usually sees around 34 inches of precipitation, with the most rain falling in May at 5.42 inches.

Control your electricity bill with a fixed-rate plan

What do Denison utilities rates include? When you pay your Denison energy provider, what you're really paying for is not just the cost of the energy you use, but the cost of transmission and distribution, as well as any recurring monthly fees and taxes that may apply. Some Denison utilities also charge one-time fees for setup, which is something to keep in mind as you compare electricity rates.

What sort of payment plans are out there? StarTex, one of the leading electric companies in Denison, Texas, offers the convenience of either a variable plan or a fixed rate plan. The fixed rate plan is best for those who need less fluctuation in what they pay each month, while the variable plan allows those with more financial flexibility to pay for their exact usage by market rate each month. What that means is that the energy market naturally ebbs and flows over time, due to supply and demand. But, your bill doesn’t have to. You can lock in a single fixed rate and never have to worry about a spike in energy prices. And no other electric company in Denison, Texas will guarantee an electricity rate for as long as StarTex Power.

Do StarTex Power allow online account management? Of course we do! If you need to view your account and usage history, pay your bills, or want to set up auto pay, you can do all this and more via the StarTex Power MyAccount online portal.

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