About StarTex Power

What is the relationship between StarTex Power and my local utility?

StarTex Power is an independent retail electric provider, licensed by the Public Utilities Commission of Texas (PUCT# 10014). StarTex Power is not a representative of your local utility, the government, any consumer groups or other retail electric providers.

If I select a contract, is there a fee for cancellation?

An early termination fee may apply, depending on which type of plan you choose. For instance, if you opt for a month-to-month electricity plan, then no fee applies. But, if you select a fixed term contract and cancel your agreement before your contract period ends, then a fee may apply. Be sure to read the contract documents that apply to the plan you’re considering, and ask our friendly Customer Care Team any questions you may have prior to signing up.

How do I refer a friend to StarTex Power?

Please visit our Refer a Friend program page for more information.

Retail Competition Facts

Where can I learn more about energy and energy-related topics?

Visit our Energy Explained page. Get an overview about energy, how it’s produced, what determines electricity pricing, and some of the terms commonly used.

You can also visit the U.S. Energy Information Administration’s page, Energy Explained, a web site that provides even greater detail about the many forms of energy available, energy generation, how the markets operate, how much renewable energy the United States uses, and hundreds of other energy topics.

There are so many acronyms and terms! What do they mean?

The electricity industry is full of abbreviations that describe terms that are often unfamiliar to the everyday person. To help, we have prepared a glossary of terms to provide a quick walk-through of the definitions.

How does switching electricity plans or providers affect my electricity delivery service?

It should not be affected. Your service should be constant while you switch. Your local utility will still be responsible for delivering your power and responding to any service calls or emergencies. They take care of the poles and wires. Switching to StarTex Power is a choice, and you are not required to switch in order to continue receiving power.

Should I choose a move-in or a switch?

If you are just moving into a new property and the power is due to be newly in your name at this address, you should select Move-In. If the power is currently in your name at this address, with another provider, your options are Self-Selected Switch or Standard Switch.

Should I choose a standard switch or a self-selected switch? Select Standard Switch if you are not on a contract or if your current contract is about to expire in the next 10 days. This type of switch will typically take 3 to 7 business days.

Select Self-Selected Switch if you are in a contract with your current provider and would like to schedule a specific business day after its expiration for your switch. Please note that a Self-Selected Switch date may not be scheduled for more than 30 calendar days in advance from date of enrollment request.

The following Switch and Move-in fees typically apply: View rates effective 2016

About Online Account Management / Online Payments

To whom am I switching?

Constellation NewEnergy, Inc. (d/b/a StarTex Power): PO Box 650827, Dallas, TX 75265-0827

Will you check my credit?

Yes, as a part of the enrollment process we do check your energy risk score. Although this check is done through a national credit agency, it is a "soft inquiry" that will be referenced on your report and is not revealed to creditors or lenders; consequently, it will not negatively impact your credit score.

Business customers: We perform a credit analysis, once you complete a credit application.

Why do you need my Social Security Number (SSN)?

Residential Customers: We use your social security number as a unique reference to identify you during energy risk score analysis. Once you provide your social security number on our secure website or to a Customer Care Team member, we will only store the last 4 digits in your account information. This information is maintained for future identification purposes.

We do not collect the social security number for business customers.

Help! I have always paid my bills on time but your website says I need a deposit!

It is possible that some of the information provided during enrollment was typed incorrectly. First, try clicking the back button on your browser to check the details, especially your birthdate, social security number, and spelling of your full name. If everything is correct and our web site continues to ask you for a deposit, contact your previous retail electric provider and request a letter of credit. They should send you a letter by U.S. Mail that will show your payment history. You can also ask them to fax the letter of credit to us at 1-866-477-8576 to help expedite the process. We would be happy to accept this letter in place of a deposit.

I am moving into my new home in less than 3 business days, why can’t I get power sooner?

When you request a new move in, we typically process that order and send it out for completion the same day (possibly the following business morning if your order was submitted late in the afternoon or after hours). However, in order to physically come out and read/connect your meter, we have to make an appointment with your local metering company (your TDU) and they require at least 3 business days’ notice to perform this task. Since the TDU that services you is decided by where in Texas your meter is located, this timeline does not shorten regardless of which provider you choose (some other providers add their processing time to this 3 day window so they may quote a longer turn-around time).

I am moving and StarTex Power is not available at my new address. What are my options?

Please contact our Customer Care Team at 1-866-917-8271 as soon as possible, and they will assist you.

How do I cancel my service with StarTex Power and switch to another provider?

Please contact our Customer Care Team at 1-866-917-8271, and they will assist you.

What can I do with an online account?

You can do several things, including:

  • Check your balance
  • Pay your bill
  • View PDF images of your past invoices
  • Set up and edit recurring payments
  • Renew your contract
  • Refer friends to StarTex Power and earn rewards
  • Add/manage multiple locations from one dashboard

How do I signup for an online account?

Residential customers: To set up a new myAccount, first, view this video for step-by-step instructions to set up your myAccount. Or, get started now by going to myAccount and clicking “Enroll in myAccount.”
You will be prompted with easy-to-follow steps through the setup process, and will be asked to create a username login, verify a few personal identification details, and you’ll be all set!

Business customers: To set up a new online account or to make your first payment online, you will need to enroll here.

Where can I get a copy of my contract’s terms and conditions?

Residential customers: Your welcome materials or renewal details included your Terms of Service, and if you received these items via email, there are convenient links to reach your official plan documents. If you’re having trouble locating these, please contact our Customer Care Team at 866-917-8271 to request an additional copy.

Business customers: Please contact your Business Development Manager or our Customer Care Team and request an additional copy.

How do I change or renew my contract?

To renew your contract or view current products, please click here. You may submit a request to renew your contract no sooner than 30 days prior to your existing contract expiration date. Your current contract information can be found on the front of your invoice, just above the remittance perforation of your monthly billing statement.

For your protection, we are not able to accept account modifications by email. Please call our Customer Care Team at 1-866-917-8271, for assistance.

What are the TDU charges on my bill?

TDU charges are those charges associated with the delivery of electricity to a customer over poles and wires from your Transmission and Distribution Utility (TDU). The TDU charges are outside of the control of StarTex Power, are approved by the PUCT, and are passed through directly to you without additional markup. TDU charges are assessed by each respective TDU to all customers in their service territory, regardless of who their retail electric provider is. StarTex Power, as the billing agent for the TDU, collects these charges from customers on behalf of the TDU and remits them back to the TDU. Such charges are clearly labeled as a separate line item on your bill so that you can clearly distinguish which charges are StarTex Power’s and which are the TDU’s.

What is the energy charge?

Your energy charge is the amount that StarTex Power collects from you for electricity supplied and used. It is what you agreed to pay at a cost per kilowatt when you signed your contract. It is also the component of your electricity bill that StarTex Power controls.

Where do I find my average price per kWh?

Your average price per kWh can be found on your electricity facts label (EFL) or on your invoice labeled “The average price you paid for electric service this month” under the Current Charges Detail section. The average price is where you can see the overall cost of your electricity consumption and what you can use to compare your rate to any other rate in the market.

Does the average kWh price include my local utility’s charges for delivery?

Yes. Our average price is an estimated all-in price based on 2,000 kWh of energy usage per month, and includes:

  • Your energy charge
  • Estimated TDU charges
  • All other recurring charges (e.g. bill credits or minimum usage fees, depending on your plan type)

What is an unbundled rate plan?

An unbundled rate plan means our energy charges are billed separately from your Transmission and Distribution Utility (TDU) charges.

How do I pay my bill online?

Click the “myAccount” link in the list to your left and click the Residential or Business login button. This will take you to the login screen for Residential myAccount or Business myAccount. Once you are logged into your online account, you can simply click the “Pay Now” or “Pay Balance” link you find there.

What forms of payment do you accept?

You can pay by Visa, MasterCard, American Express, electronic check, check or money order. Be sure to write your account number on the check or money order, and enclose the payment slip from your bill before mailing your payment to us. You can also pay your bill in person at one of our affiliated payment vendors. Residential customers can pay cash onsite at any local Western Union office. (Find an office close by), and Business customers can use ACE Cash Express to pay in person. (Find a nearby ACE Cash Express location)

Can I pay in cash?

Yes. Residential customers can make cash payments at any Western Union and business customers can make cash payments at any ACE Cash Express location. There is never a convenience fee to pay at Western Union. To locate the Western Union nearest to you, click here; to locate the nearest ACE Cash Express, click here (A convenience fee to pay via ACE Cash Express may apply.)

How can I read my meter?

For AMSR Meters: Read the dials from right to left. The right hand dial must make a full revolution before the dial to the left of it can move one space.

Write down the number that the pointer has just passed, not the number that it is moving towards. If the pointer appears to be directly on a number, the only way to be sure it has reached that number is whether the dial to the right has completed its revolution or passed zero.

Write the numbers down from right to left, to get the total kilowatt-hours registered on the meter. To determine usage for the month, subtract the previous month’s reading from this month’s reading.

For Smart Meters: Visit www.smartmetertexas.com to view your meter’s current usage in real-time, right from your computer or mobile device. First time users will need to register and create a login to get started.

Where can I learn more about billing terms?

View our Billing Terms page.

What do I do during a power outage?

My power has gone out, who should I call?


While you are welcome to call us if your power goes out, we recommend you call your local utility directly, and reference your utility account number (found on your recent bill). They may be able to explain the reason for the outage, and provide an estimated time for correction. If the outage is already known, then they should be able to provide an estimated time to complete the necessary repairs.

For your convenience, below is a quick reference list of local utility companies in the areas of Texas we serve.
The contact phone numbers are also listed on your invoice.